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You May Need Clutch Service If Your Clutch Is Slipping

If you’ve noticed that your clutch has been slipping lately, you may be in need of some professional clutch service. Although a clutch should last you for many years, it won’t last forever. And there are many parts that make up a clutch, which means that there are many things that can possibly go wrong with it if regular maintenance isn’t applied. For example, if oil happens to get on the clutch and it isn’t removed immediately as it  should be, it could possibly ruin the clutch.

Because there are so many things that can cause a busted clutch, it can be well worth your time to take a look at a few things yourself first before having to seek some professional clutch service.

Is Your Trucks Clutch Slipping?

If your trucks clutch is slipping, you are definitely not alone. In fact, a slipping clutch is one of the more common problems when it comes to a trucks clutch not working properly. Although it’s necessary for a clutch to slip a little in order for it to slide into the proper gear, once you’ve completely taken your foot off the clutch pedal, there should be no slippage at all. If there is, it’s very possible that you may have a busted clutch.

Because a little bit of clutch slipping tends to lead to more clutch slipping, the reason for the slippage definitely needs to be investigated so that it can be fixed as soon as possible. The more a clutch slips, the more likely it is to create heat that’s so hot that the gears won’t be able to stay in their proper position. This can easily cause damage to all of the clutch parts, including the flywheel and the pressure plate.

Most truck drivers tend to notice that their clutch is beginning to slip when they’re carrying a very heavy load, driving up a long hill, or when driving at a low speed when in high gear. Because it’s highly likely that normal wear and tear is going to be the reason why your clutch is now slipping, some necessary clutch service may be in your near future.

If you happen to be experiencing a slipping clutch even though you just recently had the clutch installed in your truck, it’s most likely due to the following – a defective cable adjuster, a cylinder being blocked, wrongly installed release bearings, a wrong modification on the release system, or even by oil or grease getting into a part where they don’t belong