Truck Downtime Doesn’t
Need To Be a Big Problem

Consolidated Truck Parts & Service helps truck owners and drivers

get their trucks back on the road in no time.

Heavy Duty Truck Service & Repair

Downtime Means Less Revenue & Income

As a business owner, downtime means lost revenue. It affects not only you and your family, but your staff and other stakeholders, too.
As a manager, it’s frustrating to wait indefinitely for the truck repair shop to finish the repairs. You could also look irresponsible to your team or superiors when you’re uninformed about the status of the company’s significant investments.
As a truck driver, downtime means no money in your pocket. This makes it difficult to pay the bills and put food on the table. Worse, you could lose your job if the company keeps losing money.

It’s time to be in control of the situation. It’s time to look for a reliable truck repair shop.

Don’t Be Left in the Dark…

We understand the importance of keeping your truck on the road. We also understand the frustration of not being updated on your downed vehicle. You’re losing big money when you don’t have a working vehicle and are unsure when to return to regular operation.

Whether you’re delivering loads across the country or transporting goods within your community, Consolidated Truck Parts & Service is here to keep your Class 8 and heavy-duty trucks productive and running smoothly all the time. We help protect your investments and ensure they last long so you can continue providing for your family and your staff providing for theirs.


We’ve been working with large trucks since the 1950s—and have only grown since then. We truly understand the needs of our clients and their beneficiaries, as well as how those needs have evolved over the years. Our established team of professionals is ready to serve you.


Our background involves a history of remanufacturing components for military tactical vehicles. You can trust that our standards and resources are top-in-class. Plus, with almost 70 years in business, we know what it takes to provide quality customer service to our clients.


With 24/7 access to skilled technicians, we have the time, resources, and tools to get your large trucks back on the road and keep them there. We are authorized service providers for a variety of brand-name components and have an extensive inventory of parts to complete your repair quickly and efficiently.

You’re Stuck But You Don’t Know Where to Start…

Here’s How Consolidated Truck Parts & Service can help:

Clear & Transparent Communication

We know you need to quickly get your truck back on the road so you can stay on schedule with your work. That’s why our service advisors keep you updated throughout your truck’s maintenance or repair process.


Our 24/7 truck technicians are available for quick help. We deliver quality service to limit any reduced efficiency in having a heavy-duty truck off the road.


We have OEM software for every make and model. This allows us to diagnose and repair issues with Class 8 and heavy-duty trucks.

Truck Parts

Our technicians use only quality parts, reducing the chance of any issues arising after repairs are completed. We guarantee quality workmanship through warranties so you never have to worry about your truck or downtime.

Preventative Maintenance Plan

To prevent unexpected breakdowns, we will set up your truck with a maintenance program. Our custom agreement plans allow for the continual upkeep of your trucks and save you money from more expensive repairs in the long run.

Free 40-Point

We offer this service—valued at $105—with every appointment. This should catch upcoming repairs before they leave you stranded. And before we finish repairs, we do a full health report to ensure your truck is running at its best.

Mobile Services

We understand that trucks break down at inconvenient times. That’s why we offer mobile service all day and night, every day of the year, so we can immediately start to fix your truck.

Convenient Locations

We have three truck repair shops in Louisiana to quickly serve your truck repair needs: Alexandria, Many, and Monroe.

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Don’t Let Downtime Slow You Down

Contact Consolidated Truck Parts & Service for your truck service and repair needs to set up an appointment or in case of an emergency on the road. Set up your maintenance plan to keep your Class 8 and heavy-duty trucks on the road all the time. Call us today or drop by one of our locations in Monroe, Many, or Alexandria.