Differential Repair

Ensure optimal performance and reliability for your truck’s differential. From gear repairs to bearing replacements, Consolidated Truck Parts & Service has you covered.

As a crucial component of the drivetrain, the differential is vital in transferring power from the engine to the wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds. 

It consists of a series of gears that enable power transfer from the driveshaft to the wheels, ensuring smooth operation and preventing wheel slippage. Located in the axle housing of a truck, it’s necessary when turning corners or navigating uneven road surfaces. 

When the differential gives out, it’s safe to say your vehicle won’t be moving anywhere. If you believe your truck’s differential is going bad or fails, contact Consolidated Truck Parts & Service for top-quality differential repair solutions tailored specifically for trucks. 

How a Differential Works

When the truck is in motion, the differential receives power from the driveshaft and transfers it to the wheels. It achieves this through a combination of gears, including the ring, pinion, and side gears. 

These gears work together to distribute torque evenly to the wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds during turns. The differential also contains lubricating oil to reduce friction and dissipate heat generated by the gears.

Trucks typically have two differentials, one for each axle. These differentials are usually open, allowing the inside tire to rotate at a different speed than the outside tire when making turns. 

However, some trucks have a differential lock, primarily on the front tandem axle. When this lock is off, the differential functions as an open system, enabling the inside tire to turn slower than the outside tire during turns. 

Engaging the differential lock transforms into a positraction gear, mechanically locking both tires to turn at the same speed. This feature is helpful in challenging conditions like snow or mud, as it helps the truck gain traction or gets unstuck.

Signs of a Bad Differential


Spinning the tires, sliding as in doing donuts, and beating on the rear can cause premature differential wear or breakage. Sometimes, they will wear out because of towing heavy loads, especially in mountainous areas. 

If you know the signs of a differential going bad, you could get to the shop before it leaves you stranded.

  • The pumpkin is leaking oil.
  • You hear grinding in the rear end (the oil could be low, or the gears could be out of place).
  • A tire is experiencing wear.
  • You feel vibrations, especially when accelerating.
  • The driveshaft is out of balance.
  • The transmission might shift “hard.”

Get Professional Differential Repairs at Consolidated Truck Parts & Service

At Consolidated Truck Parts & Service, we are equipped to handle a wide range of differential repair services. We will diagnose the problem with your differential and recommend repairs. Some standard differential services include replacing the differential fluid, gears, bearings, and seals. 

Experience the difference our professional differential repair services can make for your truck’s performance and reliability. Contact one of our shops in Many, Monroe, or Alexandria today.