Consolidated Truck Parts & Service understands the importance of keeping your diesel engine running smoothly and efficiently. That’s why we offer a comprehensive diagnostics service, including a free 40-point inspection of your truck’s key components.

Consolidated Truck Parts & Service offers advanced diagnostics services for all types of trucks and diesel vehicles. We can accurately identify any issues with your engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, electrical system, and more.

We have state-of-the-art equipment and OE software for various makes and models. This allows us to identify any potential issues with your truck. But beyond our tools, we have technicians skilled in diagnosing a wide range of problems affecting every kind of truck these days. 

When your truck has a sudden breakdown, or you’re noticing a decline in performance over time, go to Consolidated Truck Parts & Service. We can quickly diagnose the problem and recommend the best action to get you back on the road.

What is a 40-Point Inspection?

Consolidated Truck Parts & Service offers a free, no-obligation 40-point inspection—valued at $105—with every appointment. This should catch upcoming repairs before they leave you stranded.

Here are some specific areas we inspect during our 40-point inspection:

Fluid Levels
  1. Engine Oil
  2. Coolant
  3. Hydraulic Oil
  4. Transmission Oil
  5. Rear Differential
  6. Front Differential
  1. Engine
  2. Coolant
  3. Fuel
  4. Hydraulic
  5. Transmission
  6. Rear Differential
  7. Front Differential
  8. Wheel Seal
  9. Other


  1. Linkage
  2. Tie Rod Ends
  3. Hoses
  1. Shoes
  2. Drums
  3. Check Adj. (Visual)
  1. Fan Assembly
  2. Belts
  3. Tensioner
  1. U-Joints
  2. Swing Bearings
  3. Drive-shaft Assembly
  1. Spring Pin Bushings
  2. Torque Rod Bushings
  3. U-bolts
  1. Connections
  2. Starter
  3. Alternator
  4. Wiper/Washer
  5. Turn Signals
  6. Headlights
  7. Brake Lights
  8. Back-up Lights
  1. Breather Caps
  2. Wheel Lugs

After the 40-point inspection, we will provide a detailed report of our findings and recommendations for necessary repairs or maintenance. Our team will also work with you to create a customized maintenance plan.

Moreover, before we finish repairs, we do a full health report to ensure your truck runs at its best.

Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light

check engine light

When the check engine light comes on, it means something with the engine emissions system is wrong. At Consolidated Truck Parts & Services, we can diagnose why your check engine light is illuminated and fix the underlying cause.

Check engine light will illuminate on the dashboard when there’s an engine or emissions system issue. It is part of the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system, designed to monitor the performance of the engine and emissions control system and alert the driver when there’s a problem.

Drivers might not feel that the truck is running poorly, but they might notice fuel economy is declining over time. In other circumstances, the truck might not run at all. Or the truck could just go into “limp home” mode. 

Thus, when the check engine light comes on, it’s essential to have your vehicle inspected by a qualified technician as soon as possible. Ignoring the check engine light can lead to more serious problems and costly repairs down the line. 

Check engine light diagnostics is more complex than plugging a diagnostic machine and reading the trouble code. While the device helps narrow the problem, you still need an expert to make proper interpretations and apply the correct fix. At Consolidated Truck Parts & Service, we do just that.

Keep Your Truck Running Smoothly With Reliable Diagnostics Services

Consolidated Truck Parts & Service is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality diagnostics services. Contact us today to schedule a diagnostics service and keep your truck running smoothly and efficiently. We offer a free, no-obligation 40-point inspection to check any issues with your vehicle, saving you time and money in the long run. 

In addition, we can also check what causes your check engine light to come on. We’ll also look into other warning lights or indicators on the dashboard, such as a low oil pressure warning light or a battery warning light.