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Original equipment manufacturers around the globe count on Eaton’s extensive experience in tailor-made solutions that enhance the overall vehicle efficiency, reliability, safety and drivability.

Rebuilt Eaton transmissions available in 13, 18, 15, 8, 9,10,speed models.

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Rebuilt Eaton Fuller Midrange Transmissions 5, 6, and 7 speed Transmissions ready to ship Worldwide. Rebuild Kits, Transmission Bearing Kits. Sales and Service.

Rebuilt Fuller Transmissions For Heavy Duty Trucks!

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We also stock Rebuild parts such as gasket kits and Transmission Bearing Kits.

Eaton Transmission oil level and Maintenance!

Proper lubrication procedures are the key to a good all around maintenance program. If the oil is not doing its job, or if the oil level is ignored, all the maintenance procedures in the world are not going to keep the transmission running or assure long transmission life.

Eaton Fuller Transmissions are designed so that the internal parts operate in a bath of oil circulated by the motion of gears and shafts.

Thus, all parts will be amply lubricated if these procedures are closely followed:

  1. Maintain oil level. Inspect regularly.
  2. Change oil regularly.
  3. Use the correct grade and type of oil.

The use of mild EP gear oil or multi-purpose gear oil is not recommended, but if these gear oils are used, be sure to adhere to the following limitations: Do not use mild EP gear oil or multi purpose gear oil when operating temperatures are above
2300F. Many of these gear oils, particularly 85W140, break down above 2300 F and coat seals, bearings and gears with deposits that may cause premature failures.

If these deposits are observed (especially a coating on seal areas causing oil leakage), change to Eaton Roadranger CD5O transmission fluid, heavy duty engine oil or mineral gear oil to assure maximum component life and to maintain your warranty with Eaton.