Axle Repair

Experience reliable and efficient trucking with Consolidated Truck Parts & Service’s expert axle repair solutions. We diagnose and resolve axle issues, ensuring optimal performance and safe handling for your truck.

A truck’s axles are not something most people think about since they don’t break often. However, a truck’s axles see more wear and tear than a car’s axles because of the size of the truck and its cargo. 

Aside from transmitting power to the wheels and maintaining stability on the road, the axles have to support the weight of the cargo, too. A fully loaded truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds—and that’s only if it’s not overloaded.

At Consolidated Truck Parts & Service, we provide professional axle repair services exclusively for trucks. With our expert technicians and state-of-the-art facilities, we offer comprehensive axle repair solutions to keep your truck running smoothly and safely. 

What is an Axle?

A truck’s axle is a vital component of a truck’s drivetrain system that connects and supports the wheels on either end of the vehicle.

It serves multiple functions, including transmitting power from the engine to the wheels and supporting the weight of the truck and its cargo. It ensures the truck’s smooth and controlled movement, stability, and maneuverability.

In most trucks, there are two axles:

  • the front axle (known as the steering axle)
  • the rear axle (responsible for driving the wheels and carrying most of the weight)

The axles consist of various components such as axle shafts, differential, CV joints, bearings, and seals, all working together to facilitate efficient power transfer and reliable operation of the truck.

Signs You Need Axle Repair

Poor truck and road maintenance contribute to broken axles. During the winter, municipalities can’t keep up with the potholes; if you hit one on a highway going 75 mph, your truck’s axles take a hard hit. If you hit enough potholes or craters, the axles will likely break.

Signs of worn or broken axles include:

  • The wheels do not move when the truck is in gear.
  • You hear a loud clicking or clanking noise when you turn.
  • The wheels feel unstable, or they wobble.
  • You hear rumbling and feel vibrations under the truck or trailer.

Our Truck Axle Repair Services


As soon as you notice any signs of a worn or broken axle, you should pull off the road. Driving with a weakened axle puts you and others in danger. 

We can check your axle if you experience a truck breakdown. Or we can help you safely get your rig to one of our shops in Alexandria, Many, or Monroe in Louisiana. 

Our certified truck mechanic will always inspect the axles and suspension when you have the truck in for maintenance or repair. 

Moreover, we can perform axle repair services, including axle shaft replacement, CV joint repairs and replacement, axle alignment and balancing, among other things.

Quality Truck Axle Parts

At Consolidated Truck, we use only quality parts to repair the suspension or replace axles. We use Spicer and Meritor axles and other parts.

Spicer is an original equipment axle producer, so you have the same reliability and performance you have come to know and expect. When the axles are not beaten, they last longer than others, giving you maximum road time and decreasing operating costs.

We also stock Meritor axles, the aftermarket supplier for medium and heavy-duty axles for the industrial and transportation sectors. We stock Meritor axles for off-highway machinery, commercial trucks, trailers, coaches, and buses.

Keep Your Truck Rolling Strong: Schedule Your Axle Repair Today!

Is your truck experiencing axle issues? Don’t let them slow you down. Consolidated Truck Parts & Service is here to provide top-quality axle repair services tailored to your truck’s needs. 

Contact Consolidated Truck Parts & Service today to schedule your axle repair service. Our friendly team is ready to assist you and ensure your truck’s axles are in top-notch condition.