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What Do You Look For In A Truck Maintenance Partner?

What do you look for in a truck maintenance partner? Do you simply want any regular truck repair shop being in charge of making sure you are back on the roadMAKING MONEY as fast as you can or should you expect more? It is now 2014 and it is time for the heavy truck repair industry to act like it. We must embrace all of the technological advances that allow us to serve you better, faster, and more cost effective.

Considering that today’s trucks continually evolve, we continually invest in the newest equipment, technology, and training to keep us and you at the cutting edge of diagnostics, service and repair.

For example, our state of the art lifting equipment allows our technicians a top, bottom and underside view of your vehicle.  We can then effectively perform our complimentary 55 point inspection as well as determine the real cause of the problem.  We have discovered that in many cases there is a hidden cause or causes for the failure.

For one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, we maintain an extensive inventory of the most common rear-ends, manual and Allison transmissions, PTO’s and transfer cases.  We can also rebuild or repair your unit in one of our climate controlled production rooms.

Our multi-million dollar inventory of the highest quality repair parts, combined with an investment in the latest computer aided diagnostics also ensures a quick return of your vehicle to proper performance.

We meticulously hand craft, balance and repair drive shafts to your exact needs or to factory/OE  specs in our state of the art machine shops.

Our 2 computer controlled transmission dynamometer test stations represent another tremendous investment which guarantees a properly remanufactured, trouble free Allison transmission that performs as well as, if not better than new.

Our factory trained technicians have countless years of experience in engine maintenance rebuild, and repair.  They can perform minor adjustments or in-frame your Cummins, CAT, International, John Deere or Scania power unit.

Our industry low comeback rate of .8% is made possible by combining these superior capabilities with the finest staff in the nation. They are dedicated, highly trained individuals who come together to share their talents, education and experience and offer you world-class repair and maintenance facilities.

Check out this video to really see what a full service truck maintenance center that stands ready and willing to partner with you looks like.