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Truck Repair: The Most Common Maintenance Errors

It’s up to fleet managers to make sure that all of their truck are operating to their fullest potential. One of the best ways that they can do this to make sure that the proper maintenance is applied to each and every truck. But because this can be quite the task, it’s a really good idea for them to put some basic maintenance standards in place in order to make sure that no potential problems go unnoticed. It’s also a good idea for them to create a regular time schedule for the maintenance to actually take place.

The Most Common Maintenance Errors

One of the most common maintenance errors being performed today is not providing a truck with its required truck maintenance in a timely manner. Depending on the fleet manager is going to determine how often a truck is examined for any potential issues. If they allow too much time to take place in between performing this require maintenance, they’re taking a big risk. Because there could be some truck repair problems that need some attention, if too much time is allowed to take place in between maintenance intervals, what could be a small problem has the potential to be a very big and very costly problem.

Because truck drivers tend to be the most familiar with a particular truck because they drive it every day, they’re considered to be a crucial part of the maintenance process. But because the current process doesn’t include the input of the truck driver, the truck repair mechanic doesn’t get the benefit of hearing directly from the truck driver.

Also, the fact that some fleet managers see their trucks as tools, rather than the assets they are that are essential to their ability toMAKE MONEY, can create issues. It’s essential for fleet managers to realize that regular and thorough truck maintenance is essential to their ability to earn the highest and recurring revenues.

Another common mistake made when actually performing maintenance is not taking and utilizing the information that’s gathered when performing a truck inspection. This information can be gathered and used to create a protocol for why certain truck systems aren’t working as they’re supposed to.

Truck Repair Laws

Last but not least, because the law requires all fleets to perform regular maintenance, there are some fleet managers who view a truck maintenance program as something that they must do, vs. something that must be done for safety reasons. It’s essential for all fleets to view a truck maintenance program as the best way to ward off future truck repairs, which again, can get quite costly. The entire goal of any maintenance program is to perform the maintenance on a regularly a schedule.