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Truck Maintenance: Do You Know The Latest Trends?

Because the cost of heavy duty truck maintenance, as well as any necessary protocol’s that need to be followed, can be different from one year to the next, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends when it comes to properly maintaining your heavy duty truck. For example, when diesel emissions technologies first arrived on the scene many years ago there was a need for truck drivers to understand how these diesel technologies worked so that they were better able to take care of their truck.

Do You Know The Latest Trends?

The following are a few of the latest trends that can help both fleet managers and truck drivers create a plan when it comes to proper truck maintenance:

  •  It’s important for all heavy duty truck drivers to allow for full regeneration of the DPF when driving through urban locations. This means that it’s essential for all truck drivers to make sure that their truck is driving at the current highway speeds long enough so that the DPF doesn’t clog.
  • Heavy duty truck drivers are now expected to be more responsible when it comes to truck maintenance, and accordingly they are expected to know at the very least the basics of the heavy duty truck they’re currently driving.
  • A lot of emphasis is being placed on tires these days, which although are more expensive than they used to be, new technology’s used when making tires means that heavy duty truck drivers can expect improved fuel economy, which translates into lower operational costs.
  • There’s currently an emphasis on replacing drum brakes with disc brakes, which is currently being implemented due to the fact that disc brakes are able to allow for more air flow, which reduces any heat that may be caused when braking.
  • Since the cost of using synthetic lubricants has decreased quite a bit in recent years, the acceptance of using synthetic lubricants has increased substantially. These synthetic lubricants are said to reduce resistance within the engine, which is going to help lower any heavy duty truck driving costs over time.

Bottom Line

With every new technology that comes our way, there’s a need to understand this technology so it can best be utilized. When it comes to heavy duty truck maintenance, it’s important for every heavy duty truck driver to keep up with the latest trends in technologies so that they’re aware of the best ways to maintain their heavy duty truck. The new technologies that are available today are being put into effect in order to improve the overall quality of heavy duty trucks, which is important when it comes to properly maintaining and even extending the life of a heavy duty truck.