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Roadside Truck Inspections: It’s The Law. What You Need To Know

Roadside Truck Inspections: It’s the Law. What You Need to Know

In order to be sure that heavy duty truck drivers are complying with all of the many commercial motor vehicle rules and regulations, there are a number of roadside truck inspections set up throughout the country. These roadside truck inspections are in place with a goal of promoting highway safety, and over the years have removed a lot of unsafe trucks from traveling on our roads. It’s critical for every heavy duty truck driver to not only drive safely, but to make sure that their heavy duty truck is in complete compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Roadside Truck Inspection

According to FMCSA, every heavy duty truck must be inspected at the required roadside truck inspections stops. The entire inspection will at a minimum include examining any and all parts and accessories that are used during interstate commerce. All of these truck parts and accessories are expected to be well maintained, and if not the driver will be subject to penalty provisions.

A short list of what the heavy duty truck inspectors will be looking for:

  • The truck driver has the proper commercial driver’s license, fuel system, brake system, all lighting devices, all coupling devices, steering mechanism, tires, suspension, exhaust system, emergency equipment, rearview mirrors, windshield wipers, and more.

What You Need to Know

Once the heavy duty truck driver pulls into the truck inspection area they’ll need to stay in the truck while the safety inspection is being performed. This is so that they can follow the inspectors instructions as they’re inspecting their vehicle, which can include things like turning the lights off and on, etc. Once the roadside safety truck inspector is done inspecting the heavy duty truck, they’ll provide the driver with a copy of the heavy duty truck safety inspection report.

If any heavy duty truck issues are found, any and all necessary repairs will need to be made according to their particular states rules and regulations.

Top 4 Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance Violations

The following are the top four heavy duty truck maintenance violations that are found during a roadside truck inspection:

1. Nonworking, Missing or Defective Vehicle Lights

2. Tire Tread Depths are Overly Worn

3. Oil Leaks, Grease Leaks

4. Previous Repair Issues Not Noted in Vehicle Inspections Report

Bottom Line

In order for heavy truck drivers to not have to worry about whether or not their heavy duty truck is going to pass its roadside truck inspection, all one has to do is simply follow all of the commercial motor vehicle rules set forth by the FMCSA. It’s much easier, as well as much more cost efficient, to keep a heavy duty truck well maintained vs. not keeping up with any and all necessary improvements and/or repairs that can keep a heavy duty truck from passing a roadside inspection.