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Remanufactured Truck Parts Are Making A Comeback

Fleet managers are slowly but surely beginning to choose remanufactured truck parts over brand new parts when it comes to necessary truck repairs. Why? For the most part, because remanufactured parts tend to cost less than new parts, and are considered to be just as reliable. The main reason why some fleets are still choosing to pay more money for new truck parts is because they don’t fully understand exactly what it means when truck parts are remanufactured.

Remanufactured Truck Parts

When a truck part is remanufactured, it means that the entire piece is completely taken apart so that each and every component can be carefully examined. If it’s determined that the piece can be saved, then everything is done to make it into as close to new as possible. There’s been a lot of changes in the remanufacturing industry over the years. For the most part, these parts required a skilled person to make the diagnosis, who would then go ahead and make the necessary repairs.

The biggest change, which also proves the most challenges, is the fact that electronics are now a part of many truck parts. When electronics are involved, it’s necessary for the remanufacturer to be highly qualified in order to make sure that the part is returned to as good as new, or in some cases, in even better condition. These professionals must now not only manually inspect any broken truck parts in order to see if they’re salvageable, if electronics are involved they also must know how to properly remanufacturer the electronic components, too.

Making A Comeback

As more fleet managers become aware that they have the option to choose remanufactured truck parts, which will save them money, more of them are choosing this route. The main thing fleets are looking for is dependability. They’re learning that in many cases a remanufactured part can be just as dependable as a brand new part, which makes the decision even easier than before. Especially considering that they’ll be saving an average of half off the costs of a new truck part.

Another reason why remanufactured truck parts are making a comeback is because it costs less to remanufacture a unit, vs. buying a brand new unit. There’s currently a large focus on making sure that every business is doing their part when it comes to global warming, and the energy used to remanufacture truck parts uses a whopping 85% less than the energy used to create brand new truck parts.