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Rebuild My Transmission Or Buy An Exchange Unit?

Should You Rebuild or Exchange Your Manual Transmission

The transmission of your vehicle is not only very complex, it’s also very important because it’s what makes your truck shift from one gear to another. It’s essential that every truck transmission is running in top order so that you’re able to smoothly shift into the gear that’s going to speed you up, or slow you down. Because the gear ratio plays a large part when it comes to reducing the transmission speed and increasing the torque power, there’s a lot of wear and tear that tends to take place in a car’s transmission.

This is especially true for those who have a manual transmission because statistics tell us that those who have a truck that has a manual transmission tend to experience more transmission problems. This wear and tear will eventually cause problems for your trucks transmission, making it necessary for you to then look into a transmission rebuild or a transmission exchange.

Transmission Problems 

Some of the signs you should watch out for when it comes to transmission problems include slipping between gears, smelling fluid that has a burned odor to it, new clunky noises coming from the engine, a delay in gear changing and hearing higher than normal sounds when revving up your truck. If the transmission problems you’re experiencing haven’t been going on for too long, it might be worth your while to look into a transmission rebuild, or transmission rebuild kits.

Transmission Rebuild Could Save You Money

If you feel that your transmission is starting to go out, one of your choices is to look into a rebuilt transmission. If you’re wondering how to rebuild a transmission, the process is one that involves taking the transmission completely apart and then rebuilding it. This way the parts that are worn can be replaced with new parts. Rebuilt transmission prices are typically going to be less expensive than paying for a transmission exchange if your transmission in decent shape already.

Although, if there tends to be a lot of heavy duty transmission repair that needs to be completed in order to completely rebuild your vehicle’s transmission and get it back to full working order, you might expect rebuilt transmission prices to be closer to or more than the cost for a complete transmission exchange.

Time may also be a factor for you.  For most of the heavy truck operators today downtime is the number one problem that must be eliminated for them to maximize profits.  A typical rebuild will take two to four days depending on the complexity of the failure.

Transmission Exchange Could Save You Time and Money

If your transmission is so damaged that it’s highly unlikely that a transmission rebuild is going to be cost effective, then it’s necessary for you to look into exchanging your unit for a rebuilt exchange transmission. A transmission exchange – out with the old, in with a new – is often necessary when a transmission is so damaged that almost all the major components need to be completely replaced or when you have major damage such as a cracked housing.

Another bonus of purchasing a rebuilt transmission exchange unit is that it can save you costly downtime.  Typically, we can remove your old transmission and replace it with a fully warrantied remanufactured transmission exchange unit in less than a day.  You can be back on the road andMAKING MONEY to support those you love in the shortest time possible.

Transmission Specialists Can Help You Make This Decision