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Preventative Truck Maintenance: How To Add Years To Your Truck

There are many truck owners who tend to wait until they’re having a problem with their truck before taking it into a truck repair shop. Although taking your truck in for some necessary truck repair when there’s a problem makes sense, it’s also a good idea to take your truck in for some preventive maintenance from time to time. Preventative truck maintenance is very important to keeping a truck running at its best, and can truly add many years to the life of your heavy duty truck.

Adding Years to Your Heavy Duty Truck

Firstly, it’s important for you to take your truck to a quality truck shop so that you know that you’re going to get the absolute best service possible. The best truck repair shops are going to be the ones that employ mechanics who are certified, which means that they’ve been trained in using all of the newest technologies. Depending on how many miles you drive the truck every year is going to help you determine how often you’re going to need to take the truck in for some preventative truck maintenance. It’s also important to let the mechanic know how fast you drive your truck, how heavy any loads are that you happen to haul and whether or not you drive a lot uphill.

Preventative Truck Maintenance

Once the mechanic has all of the information they need to get started, they can then go ahead and begin to perform an inspection on the heavy duty truck to see exactly what it is that needs to be done, if anything. For the most part, they’re going to be looking for any and all potential issues that may cause some problems in the future. Finding and fixing them now can save a lot of money in the long run. This includes but isn’t limited to checking the following truck components:

  • Oil, oil filter, oil leaks
  • Fuel lines, fuel filter, air filter
  • Spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor
  • Cooling system, hoses, belts
  • Exhaust system, engine leaks
  • Water pump, fan bearing
  • Radiator, windshield wipers
  • Sprains, shocks, ball joints, rear springs
  • Brakes, parking brakes, the entire system
  • Mirrors, wiper blades,
  • Air conditioning, heating
  • Tires, wheels, axle

Bottom Line

Preventative truck maintenance is one of the best ways for truck drivers to keep their truck running at its absolute best. For those who are wondering whether or not taking a heavy duty truck in for some preventative maintenance is worth the additional cost, know this – the price of a preventative maintenance check is considered to be minimal when compared to the overall costs of fixing a major truck issue that could’ve been prevented in the first place.  Check out our free, no obligation 45 point inspection to learn more about how The Joe Gear Companies partners with you to maintain your truck health.