Expert Peterbilt Truck Repair & Maintenance Services at Consolidated Truck

American Peterbilt truck with a semitrailer driving across the bridge at sunrise Peterbilt Trucks is another great name in trucking, having been on the road, hauling freight for decades. Consolidated Truck, with locations in Many, Alexandria, and Monroe, LA, services and repairs Peterbilt trucks, ensuring they stay on the road to supply goods to our stores. Peterbilt trucks are built with excellent craftsmanship and excellent performance. You can keep that performance level if you keep up with preventative maintenance on your fleet.

While preventative maintenance reduces the risk of surprise breakdowns, it does not stop all repairs. Certain parts just wear out, no matter what you do. Common Peterbilt repairs we see include:

Electrical Issues

On some Peterbilt trucks, you may have problems with the lights and indicators. Generally, these issues have been traced to damaged wiring and faulty sensors. However, an improperly charging alternator could also cause similar issues.

Transmission Problems

Always look for transmission leaks on your truck. Many trucks, including Peterbilt, can develop transmission leaks, which can cause slipping and noise. It could also cause trouble shifting gears, or the truck won’t go into gear at all.

Engine Performance Issues

Many issues could cause poor performance, including fuel issues and issues with the cooling system. Always check for fuel and coolant leaks, and be sure to flush the coolant pursuant to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Brake pads can wear out quickly. Rotors can also wear quickly. Always check your truck’s brakes before you leave the yard for the day. If the brake pads appear to be worn down, don’t take a chance. Get the truck into your fleet mechanic at Consolidated Truck to replace the pads.

Exhaust System Issues

Check Peterbilt trucks for exhaust issues, such as clogged catalytic converters, damaged exhaust pipes, and leaking exhaust manifold gaskets. All of these issues can pour harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Suspension and Steering Problems

If you notice your Peterbilt has a rough ride or starts handling poorly, bring it to Consolidated Truck, and we’ll check the steering and suspension. Worn control arm bushings, shocks, springs, gearboxes, and other steering and suspension components can significantly affect handling and make the truck unsafe.

Cooling System Problems

Most trucks have cooling issues, including Peterbilt trucks. Thermostats malfunction, water pumps leak or become wobbly, and radiators can clog. If the truck overheats, it could do serious damage to the engine.

Air System Failures

If the air system fails, it affects braking and overall performance. Always check air lines and other parts of the air system to ensure the truck remains safe while on the road.

Excessive Vibration

If you notice excessive vibration while driving, you could have unbalanced wheels, issues with the driveline, or worn suspension components. Any of these issues make a big rig difficult to handle, and you are at a much higher risk of wrecking.

Excessive Oil Consumption

If you have to put oil in frequently, you may have a problem with worn piston rings or oil leaks. Consolidated Truck can locate the issue and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Fuel System Issues

Clogged fuel filters and malfunctioning can cause significant engine performance issues. Regular fuel system cleaning can reduce the risk of injector problems, and changing the fuel filter as recommended by the manufacturer reduces issues of clogging.

Keep Your Peterbilt Trucks Running Smoothly with Consolidated Truck

Fuel your journey with the assurance that Consolidated Truck is by your side, safeguarding the vitality and performance of your Peterbilt trucks. We are not just about repairs; we are about creating a harmonious rhythm between the road and your truck, ensuring every gear shift is a symphony of power and reliability. Navigate your way to any of our strategically located service centers in Louisiana, and let’s forge a path of uninterrupted journeys and unyielding performance. From regular check-ups and preventative maintenance to intricate repairs, we are your one-stop destination for all your Peterbilt truck needs. Connect with us, and let’s drive into a future of endless possibilities and seamless trucking experiences! We have three convenient locations throughout Louisiana, including: