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Need To Replace A Clutch? They Won’t Last Forever

Need to Replace a Clutch? They Won’t Last Forever

There are many heavy duty truck drivers who like driving a truck that has a manual transmission because it allows them to have better control over the truck they’re driving. And although this is great for truck drivers who mostly drive out on the open road, when they’re driving in small towns and/or heavy traffic then there may be a need for them to use the clutch often in order to properly shift gears. If the trucks clutch happens to be acting up, this can prove to be quite a problem.

Clutch Problems

Clutch problems can pretty much occur at any time and for any reason. Although this isn’t a very comforting thought for heavy duty truck drivers, it is necessary for them to understand how important it is to properly use the clutch. Although no clutch is going to last forever, if properly used there’s no need to replace a clutch for a very long time. Occasionally, when there’s a need to replace a clutch the flywheel will also be examined in order to determine if there’s a need to replace the flywheel, too.

Clutch Care

In order to get the most use out of a clutch it’s essential for every truck driver to not ride the clutch. When a driver slips the clutch too much, temperatures can get so hot that the brake disc could get ruined, along with the flywheel. And when the clutch becomes worn over time it’s not going to be as thick as it used to be, which means that there’s not as much of an area for the pressure plate to clamp onto. This can lead to increasing slippage, which tends to show up mainly when the truck is carrying a heavy load or when driving in low speed up a hill.

Clutch Diagnosis

It’s not always easy to diagnose any clutch problems a truck may be experiencing as there are other things that can happen that can make it seem that a truck is having clutch problems when it’s not. For example, there could be a loose engine mount misalignment somewhere that causes similar sounds to that of what a clutch makes when it’s worn and having problems. Thus, any clutch noises you hear may not mean that you necessarily need to replace the clutch.

If the clutch isn’t releasing all the way when the driver is pressing it all the way down the driver may not be able to shift properly, which is going to cause some grinding, which is not good. Because there are many things that a professional heavy duty truck repair mechanic needs to keep in mind when making a clutch diagnosis, it’s highly recommended to take heavy duty trucks into a professional truck repair shop in order to receive a proper clutch diagnosis.