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Maintaining Wheel End Components: What You Need To Know

When it comes to the topic of safety, it’s essential to follow the proper procedures when maintaining all wheel end components. Proper wheel end maintenance will also extend the life of wheel ends, which can help save quite a bit of money over the long run. Because there’s a lot to know about wheel end components and how to maintain them for a longer life, it’s necessary to understand how all of these components work together. This includes wheel end components like bearings and seals, as well as lubrication systems.

What You Need To Know

The following is a list of what you need to know in order to help you properly maintain all wheel end components.

  • The fact that upwards of 90% of wheel end malfunctions are caused due to a bad installation and/or not properly taking care of the components makes it essential for proper maintenance to be given on a regular basis.
  • When handling wheel bearings, it’s essential that they are cleaned and lubricated properly in order to work as they should.
  • It’s essential to follow the correct bearing adjustment procedures in order to get the best results. Using a calibrated dial indicator is suggested.
  • Checking the hubcaps is recommended due to the fact that they are exposed to the elements often and therefore may need some additional lubrication.
  • The type of lubrication recommended by the wheel ends manufacturer should always be used, which will help promote a longer wheel end life.
  • Because how a driver drives a truck tends to have a direct impact on its overall performance, it’s suggested that they first visually inspect the wheel ends before heading out. If there happens to be any current wheel end issues going on, the driver should also check the oil before driving, and needs to keep a close eye on the temperature of the wheel end components when driving.