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The Mack Granite is a series of heavy duty (Class 8) and severe service trucks built by Mack Trucks | Consolidated Truck Everywhere you look, you can see Mack trucks. From construction sites and industrial yards to driving over the road and hauling freight, you see this dominating brand. Established in 1900, Mack Trucks played a significant role during World War I and have maintained their popularity through the years. Established in 1900, Mack Trucks played a significant role during World War I and have maintained their popularity, continuing to be a favored choice for trucking companies due to their ability to handle the toughest of challenges.

Although Mack trucks can stand up to just about anything, they are not invincible. They have parts that wear out and break, just like any other truck. These parts were not designed to last forever. Consolidated Truck, with locations in Alexandria, Many, and Monroe, LA, specializes in working on Mack trucks and provides truck maintenance to area fleets.

Common Problems with Mack Trucks

Some of the common repairs we see on Mack trucks include:

Exhaust Emissions

Issues with diesel particulate filters (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction systems can cause reduced performance. If the DPF is not cleaning itself properly, Consolidated Truck can clean or replace the DPF.

Turbocharger Failures

Turbochargers are constantly working; thus, they have a tendency to wear out. Once they start developing issues, you’ll notice a decrease in engine power. You may also hear a whining noise and/or see black smoke from the exhaust.

Fuel System Issues

Clogged fuel filters lead to fuel injector problems. Fuel pumps also tend to fail on Mack trucks. Fuel injector problems and clogged fuel filters cause significant power loss and could cause engine misfiring.

Cooling System Issues

Common cooling system issues include faulty thermostats, coolant leaks, and radiator fans that malfunction. As soon as you notice your Mack truck overheating, shut it down and call a tow truck. You can do extensive damage by driving it when it’s overheating.

Oil Leaks

It gets really hot under the hood of a big rig. That heat can affect gaskets and seals, including the oil pan gasket. Always watch your truck for oil leaks so you can get them repaired before you go out on your next run as if the truck leaks too much oil, it can cause the engine to seize.

Head Gasket Problems

Head gaskets are right in the thick of the heat coming from a diesel engine. That heat takes a toll on head gaskets after a while. If the engine gets hot enough, you can warp the head and do extensive damage to the engine as a whole.

Air Intake Issues

When the air filter becomes clogged or the mass airflow sensor malfunctions, it not only causes poor engine performance but can lead to other damage. If the engine is not getting enough air, it could cause the truck to run rich, which contributes to EGR issues, excessive carbon buildup, and other problems.

Mack Truck Maintenance

When you schedule your fleet of Mack trucks for regular preventative maintenance, you can significantly reduce many of these issues, as we’ll catch many of them before they can surprise you. Consolidated Truck can work with you to schedule your fleet to reduce downtime for the whole fleet. We check belts, hoses, brakes, engine air filters, cabin air filters, fuel filters, and more.

Preventative maintenance includes oil change services, coolant flushes, air filter changes, and more.

Drive With Confidence – Partner with Consolidated Truck

Navigating the roads is no small feat, especially when you’re behind the wheel of a mighty Mack Truck. These vehicles symbolize strength, but even the mightiest need a caring hand. That’s where Consolidated Truck steps in – your partner in ensuring every journey is smooth, and every load is delivered with precision.


Experience True Peace of Mind: With our specialized services, your Mack Truck isn’t just another vehicle in the garage. It’s a testament to our commitment to excellence, backed by a history of trust and reliability.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Prevention is better than cure, and we stand by this. Our preventative maintenance is designed to foresee and address issues before they become roadblocks in your journey.

Convenience at Every Corner: With locations in Alexandria, Many, and Monroe, we’re always within reach. Ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work, ensuring your truck is in peak condition and ready to conquer the miles ahead?

Connect With Us: Your truck is an extension of you – robust, reliable, and ready for challenges. Entrust it to hands that understand its value. Reach out to our experts at our Alexandria, Many, or Monroe locations, and let’s ensure your Mack Truck embodies the spirit of the road – unyielding, unstoppable, and unmatched!

Take the road less traveled, but never travel alone. With Consolidated Truck by your side, every mile is a milestone, every journey, a story. Let’s write yours together. Drive safe, drive smart, with Consolidated Truck.

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