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Keeping Your Diesel Trucks Running: Fuel System Maintenance in Alexandria

In the bustling lanes of Alexandria, diesel engines roar to life every day, powering the backbone of the transportation sector. Diesel engines are industry workhorses, making them the preferred choice for most trucks in the transportation sector, spanning from medium to heavy-duty pickups to commercial vehicles such as garbage trucks, fire trucks, and semis. Renowned for their power to carry heavy loads across vast distances, diesel engines require regular maintenance, notably fuel system maintenance, to uphold their reliability. Consolidated Truck in Alexandria, LA, offers maintenance and repair services for a wide range of diesel trucks.

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Components in the Diesel Fuel System

To ensure your diesel engine runs smoothly, it’s essential to understand its heart – the fuel system. The diesel fuel system consists of several crucial components:

  • Fuel Tank: Depending on the type of truck, you may have more than one fuel tank.
  • Fuel Pump: The fuel pump draws diesel out of the tank(s) and delivers it to the fuel injectors.
  • Fuel Filters: As the diesel is drawn from the tank and through the fuel lines, it goes through two filters. The primary filter is usually between the fuel tank and the pump, while the secondary fuel filter is between the fuel pump and the engine.
  • Fuel Lines: The fuel lines can be metal or rubber hoses specifically made for diesel fuel. They run from the tank to the fuel injectors.
  • Fuel Injectors: These components measure the amount of fuel required by the engine. Most modern vehicles have one fuel injector per cylinder. Some diesel trucks may have throttle bodies, which usually have one or two injectors and sit on top of the intake manifold.
  • High-Pressure Fuel Pump: Generally found on modern trucks, the high-pressure fuel pump generates the pressure required to atomize and combust the fuel.

Diesel Fuel System Maintenance

Proper upkeep of the diesel fuel system is paramount for optimal truck performance and fuel efficiency:

Monthly Fuel Filter Checks:

Retaining at least a half-filled diesel tank thwarts moisture accumulation, especially for trucks not expanding a full tank daily. For semi-drivers, it’s advised to refuel before overnight halts or on days off. Monitor for condensation and other contaminants monthly.

High-Pressure Fuel Pump: Every Six Months

Ensure that the high-pressure fuel pump’s flow and pressure are inspected during maintenance routines. A malfunctioning pump can lead to engine overheating and subsequent damage.

Fuel Injectors

Carbon deposits can accrue over time, leading to injector obstructions. Consolidated Truck employs top-tier fuel system cleaners to maintain the pristine condition and optimal performance of the injectors.

Fuel Leaks: Weekly Check

When you come into our Alexandria, LA shop for fuel system maintenance, we check the fuel system for leaks. Even a minor leak is dangerous and can cause a significant loss of fuel. If you notice your truck seems to be using more fuel or you smell diesel fuel, have an experienced technician check the fuel system immediately.

Every year, complete a thorough annual inspection of the entire fuel system.

Resolve Your Fuel System Issues with Consolidated Truck

Don’t let fuel system issues slow you down! Trust Consolidated Truck for your diesel engine needs.


Consolidated Truck works on most brand and size trucks. We provide truck repair and maintenance. We also work on individual trucks and fleets of trucks. If you need an experienced and certified diesel truck technician to maintain and repair your fleet or individual truck, contact us to set up a maintenance schedule or schedule a repair.

We have after-hours drop-off if you tow or drive your truck to the shop in the middle of the night.

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