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Is Hiring A Fleet Consultant Worth It? Part 2

Is hiring a fleet consultant a good idea? Read on for part two of why it could be very beneficial for a fleet facility to hire an outside consultant.

Finding a New Facility. There are still many fleet operations that are using older facilities that simply don’t offer the ability for them to be perform their daily operations in the best and safest manner possible. Often times, the space provided in the facility isn’t conducive to the fleet operation, which can greatly hinder the ability for a fleet to be productive.

Silos. It’s not beneficial to work in silos, mainly because of the many issues there are when it comes to sharing resources with other departments. Instead, it’s recommended for fleets to look for alternative fleet maintenance options.

Work Closely with all Departments. It’s essential for all of the various departments to be on the same page. This can include creating a committee from every department in order to make sure that any and all important information is received, and then relayed to the people in that particular department.

Building Strong Relationships. Creating strong relationships within a department is a good idea because it can help create the strong bonds that will allow for a much more efficient workplace. Many fleets will hold a class in which someone who is extremely skilled in their particular area will teach others about that particular skill. It’s also recommended to find out exactly what motivates each person in order to create an environment that’s both beneficial and inspiring.

Bottom Line

There’s simply too much competition in today’s world for a fleet manager to not do everything in their power to make sure that their fleet facility is operating at its absolute best. Even though some fleet managers may not like the idea of having someone come in and take an in-depth look at the way their fleet is being operated, having an outside view on everyday fleet operations is highly recommended when it comes to running an efficient fleet operation.

Statistics are telling us that 3 out of 10 fleet facilities that choose to hire an outside fleet consultant to come in and evaluate them are now running an efficient fleet operation. The other 7 have benefited from using recommendations given to them from the fleet consultant, which could include a mission statement, a company plan, a fleet user guide, updated fleet service agreements, and more.