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Is Hiring A Fleet Consultant Worth It? Part 1

In order to get a good overview of how well a fleet business is being managed, it may be a good idea to hire a fleet consultant. Sometimes an outside view can be very beneficial when it comes to not only seeing any existing problems, but when it comes to solving them, too. It can be difficult for even the most experienced fleet managers to see things from an outsider’s point of view.

Some of the more widespread issues that fleet operations tend to have include not having a sufficient preventive maintenance plan in place, not giving data analysis the attention it deserves, having a number of trucks that are considered to be old, as well as having an out-of-date facility.

Fleet Operation Problems

The following are some of the more common problems fleet managers encounter that could potentially be helped by hiring a fleet consultant.

Preventive Maintenance (PM). Making sure that every truck is running at its best requires preventive maintenance. Even though preventive maintenance is one of the most important aspects of making sure that all trucks are running at their best, a number of fleet managers don’t put enough emphasis on doing what it takes to prevent potential breakdowns or truck failures.

Using Data to Make the Best Decisions. Even though data is organized and collected, it isn’t always being used to make the best decisions about the way a fleet is being operated. Reasons include not understanding the data, having too much data, or not being able to pull out and utilize the data that’s most important to everyday fleet operations.

Keeping Old Trucks. Even though the economy is improving, many fleet managers are still choosing to keep their old trucks running vs. buying new trucks. Replacing an older truck is not always top priority, especially for public organizations because they don’t receive a lot of money. This means that they simply don’t have the funds, making it important for public fleet managers to apply for vehicle replacement funds that can help them buy new trucks.

Operational Costs. It’s essential for every fleet manager to fully understand all of the costs relating to running a fleet in order to figure out how cost competitive they are. A couple of things that tend to increase these costs include a working environment that’s difficult to work in, and the age of a fleet company. If the fleet has been in operation for many years, an outside opinion can help determine if the operation is indeed running as efficiently as it could.

Part 2 coming up…