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Good Hand Washing Habits For Heavy Duty Truck Repair Shops Are Essential

Good Hand Washing Habits for Heavy Duty Truck Repair Shops Are Essential

I figured I would do the first post on safety and I would start with the body part that we use most often. Your hands are an essential part of your work and must be taken care of. A great New Years resolution would be to take great care of the hands that take care of you.

Because heavy duty truck repair mechanics often use a lot of harsh chemicals when they’re repairing trucks, they often have to deal with the negative effects these various chemicals can have on their hands. One of the most common affects they have to deal with is skin inflammation, which can range in its severity from being slightly irritating with mild itching to severe reddening with open sores. This makes it essential for every truck repair mechanic to properly take care of their hands in order to protect their skin and avoid these problems.

Be Aware

The first thing truck mechanics can do to help protect their skin from being damaged from the harsh chemicals they often use when working everyday in truck repair shops is to understand exactly how these hazardous chemicals can affect their skin. There are varying degrees of chemical dangers, with the following four being the main ones to watch out for; chemical irritants (oils, lubricants, etc.), mechanical abrasions (milling, sanding, etc.), physical agents (heat, cold, etc) and biological agents (transferring germs that may cause sickness).

Best Healthy Hand Washing Habits

Because the majority of truck mechanics deal with heavy duty truck repair on almost an everyday basis they need to use a hand cleaner that’s tough enough to do the job right. It’s very important that they use a specially formulated hand cleaner that’s made to remove harsh chemicals, as well as any grease and oil. And because truck mechanics often have dry skin due to all of the heavy duty hand washing they must do when working in truck repair shops, it’s also important that they select a hand cleaner that includes helpful moisturizers.

The skin on the hands tends to be very delicate and therefore needs a special layer of moisturizing protection. These moisturizers will help replace some of the skin’s natural oils that are lost when using harsh chemicals, as well as when washing ones hands often throughout the day.

Truck Repair Shops

It’s highly recommended the all truck repair shops install a number of hand cleaning dispensers that are easy for truck mechanics to access and use. There are a variety of hand cleaning dispensers available that allow for easy portion control dispensing, and because these make it easy for truck mechanics to wash their hands when necessary they are highly recommended.

Information on how truck mechanics can properly take care of their hands when dealing with heavy duty truck repair should also be made available in all truck repair shops. It’s truly essential for all truck mechanics to fully understand the damage these chemicals can cause to their skin so that they can take the necessary precautions.