Ensuring Longevity and Performance: Freightliner Truck Maintenance and Repairs

Freightliner tractor trailer on the road | Consolidated Truck

Freightliner is a standout name in the trucking industry, known for its quality products. Freightliner is a division of Daimler Trucks North America and has been on the scene for decades. They have robust construction, durability, and advanced engineering. Despite that, they are not infallible to the rigors of the road. Wear-and-tear items, such as brakes, have a lifespan comparable to those on other trucks.

Keeping up with truck maintenance and repairing the truck as soon as something goes wrong keeps more money in your pocket, and ensures it spends less time in the shop. Consolidated Truck Parts & Service works with Freightliner fleet owners to schedule trucks for maintenance in a manner that reduces driver downtime.

Common Freightliner Truck Repairs We See at Consolidated Truck

Some of the common issues we see with Freightliner trucks include:

Brake Issues

Always check the brakes on Freightliner trucks, especially those who drive in the mountains. Given the task of slowing and stopping up to 80,000 pounds, the brakes on these trucks tend to wear out quickly. Catching brake issues before they affect other parts of the braking system can save Freightliner fleets thousands of dollars.

Suspension and Steering Problems

If you notice a vibration in the steering wheel or uneven wear on the tires, bring your truck to Consolidated Truck as soon as possible. If you ignore the issue, it only gets worse and starts affecting other components in the steering and suspension and the tires.

Transmission Issues

Check for transmission fluid leaks – don’t let them get out of hand, or it could end up costing you more. Other transmission issues you should look for include difficulty shifting and slipping. Keeping up with transmission maintenance increases the longevity of the transmission.

Electrical System Failures

Newer trucks have complex electrical systems for emissions control. They use a variety of sensors and at least one electronic control module. The module stores codes when the sensors have readings that are out of range. Consolidated Truck has the newest diagnostic equipment to diagnose and repair the issue quickly.

Engine Problems

As part of your truck inspections, always check for leaks. You can head off being stranded if you repair leaks, regardless of their size, before you head out on the road, especially coolant leaks and oil leaks.

Cooling System Issues

When you overheat the engine, it can cause extensive damage to the engine. The cooling system has many ways to fail, including a failed thermostat, a water pump with a bad bearing or that leaks, fans that are not efficient or are not working at all, clogged radiators, radiator, and hose leaks, and loose or broken serpentine belt.

Air System Issues

Maintain the air system to minimize the risk of air leaks and issues with the air brakes and suspension. The compressor and valves can malfunction. Hoses can develop leaks.

Fuel System Problems

Cleaning the fuel injectors and changing the fuel filter every year helps prevent fuel system issues, such as clogged injectors. Electric fuel pumps are cooled by the fuel they pump; hence, maintaining a certain level of fuel can prevent overheating. If you never let the fuel get lower than a quarter tank, you can increase the life of the fuel pump.

Emissions System Issues

Keeping the emissions system maintained increases the longevity of DPF filters and reduces the risk of having to replace the filter sooner rather than later. In some cases, the DPF filter can be manually cleaned instead of replaced.

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