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Emissions Repair on a Truck: What Does It Mean?

As the driver of a truck, semi, or vehicle with a diesel engine, you’re probably familiar with emissions systems. This system reduces visible smoke and minimizes harmful gases from being released. 

While this system is relatively reliable, it does need emissions repair occasionally. The good news is Consolidated Truck Parts & Service in Monroe, LA can help. 

Let’s take a closer look at emissions repair on a truck and what it means.

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A Closer Look at the Diesel Emissions Systems

The diesel emission system is a complex network of components that help ensure your diesel engine runs cleanly. It controls and monitors the number of diesel emissions and exhaust smoke released and helps prevent your engine from overheating. 

Two key components of your diesel emissions system are:

  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF): traps soot particles emitted by your engine
  • Selective reduction catalyst (SCR): reduces hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide

Because diesel engines produce more particulate matter than gas vehicles, they need specialized emissions systems to prevent these pollutants from being released into the environment.

Emissions System Maintenance & Repair Is Critical for Diesel Engines

While emission systems are complicated, they are a crucial and necessary component in reducing nitrogen oxide. It is instrumental in helping ensure your vehicle runs efficiently and smoothly. 

When the diesel emission system works as it should, you don’t have to worry about visible smoke harming the environment or emission test failures. However, not having the necessary emissions repair and maintenance can cause environmental harm and negatively impact your engine. 

The best solution is to have regular diesel maintenance at Consolidated Truck Parts & Service in Monroe, LA. 

When our diesel technicians inspect your emissions system, we will look for holes or cracks in the DPF that may allow soot to escape into the atmosphere instead of trapping it inside. Our technicians will ensure no leaks are coming from other parts of the system. 

At the same time, we will inspect hoses, exhaust pipes, and connections for damage and signs of wear that may lead to engine problems.

What Are the Signs I Need Emissions Repair?

Considering the importance of your diesel emissions system, it’s vital to know the signs when you need emissions repair:

Your Mechanic Says So

If your diesel mechanic says you need emissions repair, you should heed the warning and have the services suggested.

Illuminated Check Engine Light

Your check engine light is often one of the first indicators that you need emissions repair. If it’s on, make sure to have diagnostics performed by our expert technicians. We can suggest the best course of action once we complete the diagnostics and thorough inspection.

Reduced Engine Efficiency

If you notice your diesel is no longer as efficient as it used to be, it can be caused by several problems. However, your emissions and exhaust system are usually the culprit.

Contact Consolidated Truck Parts & Service for Emissions Repair in Monroe, LA

We specialize in all things Class 8 or heavy-duty truck repair and maintenance. As the leading semi and heavy-duty truck repair company, we offer a full range of services designed to protect your truck, bolster performance, and maximize the time it’s on the road. And one of the many services we offer is vehicle emissions repair. 

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