Emergency Roadside Assistance

Trust Consolidated Truck Parts & Service for reliable emergency roadside assistance tailored for trucks. Our experienced technicians are available 24/7, providing quick response times and comprehensive services.

Unexpected roadside incidents can happen to anyone, causing inconvenience and disrupting your operations. That’s why Consolidated Truck Parts & Service provides 24-hour emergency roadside assistance for trucks from Lafayette to Shreveport (I-49) and Shreveport to Vicksburg (I-20).

24/7 Availability

Commercial vehicles often break down at the most inopportune times. Since drivers often drive at night to avoid traffic, there is a high chance of a night-time breakdown. 

At Consolidated Truck Parts & Service, you can rely on us to be there for you, day or night, whenever you need us the most. Our emergency roadside assistance services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

For some repairs that just cannot be done on the side of the road, we’ll arrange a tow to one of our shops. We have three locations along Interstate 49 and Interstate 20: Many, Monroe, and Alexandria in Louisiana. 

Quick Response Times

Our priority is to get you back on the road as soon as possible. When you contact us for emergency assistance, we’ll dispatch our expert technicians to your location promptly. With our efficient response times, you can minimize downtime and keep your operations running smoothly.

Professional and Skilled Technicians

Our technicians undergo extensive training to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to handle various roadside emergencies. With their expertise, they can diagnose problems quickly, provide reliable repairs, or arrange for towing if necessary.

We also have all the necessary tools and equipment to diagnose and repair your truck, including OE software for all makes and models. 

Comprehensive Roadside Services

Engine belt replacement service at Consolidated Truck Parts & Service. Image showing a worn and cracked engine belt.

Whether you’re dealing with a flat tire, battery issues, fuel delivery, mechanical breakdowns, or any other roadside problem, our experienced technicians have the expertise and tools to provide effective solutions.

Some of the repairs we can do on the road include:

  • Most brake repairs
  • Belts and hoses
  • Lift gate repair
  • Wheel seals
  • Landing gear repair
  • Sensor replacement
  • Some suspension repair
  • Check valve service
  • Oil, fuel, and air filter replacement
  • Governor replacement
  • Alternator and battery replacement
  • Most starters
  • Cooling system repair, including radiators, thermostats, and fans
  • Environmental services

Well-Equipped Service Vehicles

Our service vehicles are fully equipped with the tools, diagnostic equipment, and quality replacement parts to handle most roadside situations. This ensures that we can address your needs efficiently and effectively, minimizing the need for additional delays or trips to obtain parts.

Experience Prompt and Professional Truck Roadside Assistance

When facing a roadside emergency, you need a reliable partner by your side. You can trust Consolidated Truck Parts & Service to get you back on the road with minimal disruption.

Don’t let unforeseen incidents slow you down. Contact Consolidated Truck Parts & Service’s emergency roadside assistance team anytime, and our professionals will assist you.