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Driveshaft Vibration In Heavy-duty Off-highway Trucks

If you’re someone who drives an off-highway heavy-duty truck and have recently felt a new vibration or heard a new rumbling noise coming from your trucks engine, it’s very possible that you have a broken drive shaft. When a drive shaft becomes worn out, out of balance, is loose, bent or dented then you’re going to need to repair the drive shaft. It may even be necessary to replace the drive shaft, depending on the overall extent of the damage.

Because drive shaft problems are the #1 reason why your truck may be experiencing any roughness or vibrations when driving, it’s highly recommended for you to let a drive shaft specialist take a look. This is the best way for you to properly diagnose any drive shaft problems that may have occurred when driving your heavy-duty truck off the highway.


Driving heavy-duty off-highway trucks often means that you’ll be driving on roads that aren’t as smooth as major highway roads are, which can often make for a rough ride. Driving on these uneven roads can at times create drive shaft problems due to the road being so bumpy to travel on, and accordingly this can cause certain truck parts to become loose and/or out of balance. Because you never know what to expect when driving on these non-highway roads it can be easy for you to hit a bump or a pothole that can lead to potential drive shaft problems.


Although you’re most likely to feel strong vibrations when experiencing drive shaft problems, which can vibrate the entire truck or only parts of it, you also may hear a low squeaking sound that tends to get louder when you go faster. You may also notice that your truck isn’t turning corners as smoothly as it used to, which can also be an indicator that your truck may be experiencing some type of drive shaft problems.


It’s important that you take notes about the drive shaft problems your truck may have so that you’re able to relay this information to the professional driveline specialists who can properly fix your broken drive shaft. This includes letting them know things like what speeds you start feeling the vibrations at, as well as where you happen to be feeling the most vibrations. The more information you’re able to give to the drive shaft specialist, the better.


In order to properly diagnose any vibrations you’re feeling when driving your heavy-duty truck off the highway, it’s truly necessary for you to have your drive shaft serviced by driveline specialists. Because the best driveline specialists will have many years of experience they know exactly what to look for when you happen to be experiencing drive shaft problems, which means that you can expect them to know how to fix your drive shaft in the best manner possible.