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Better Management For Increased Work Truck Profitability

Whether you are the owner, manager, or lead man of a crew of 2 trucks or 100 trucks, management has never been more challenging. With all of the pressures on today’s heavy truck industry leader you must be more focused than ever on being effective and efficient. Owners and managers who want to grow in this marketplace or even just survive, must actively monitor theirBUSINESS and correct the course when circumstances arrive. Trincon’s report on trucking industry management practices is a must read for any leader looking to gain deep insight on the practical changes needed to do more than simply survive today.

“To be successful in today’s environment, managers must examine the entire transportation and warehousing process and learn to use technology to manage that process. Employing the use of new technology tools will allow a company to identify trends and strengths and then enhance or alter services offered to maximize profitability.”, says Duff Swain of the Trincon Group. “Proactive leadership in this area involves intensive analysis. Rather than fearing this new technology, ownership and top management must embrace it. Owners must lead their managers and change the company culture to one which realizes the necessity and understands the rewards of managing with information.”

Swain outlines 7 essential changes that once initiated will put you on the path of increased profitability and growth. There are even 5 practical tactics that will show you exactly how to begin executing this vision for your company. Start today modeling the change that you want to see in your company. Before an industry can change, a company must change. Before a company can change, a person must change. Lead. As you read this report, let us know if there is any way that we can help you accomplish your goals. At The Joe Gear Companies, we always strive for 100% client delight, so please let us know how we can WOW you and help you achieve the future vision for your organization.

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