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5 Signs You Need Heavy-Duty Truck Diagnostics

From agriculture to construction to landscaping to logistics, heavy-duty trucks are used across many industries. These massive workhorses manage heavy loads over long distances. Even though heavy-duty trucks are built for more rigorous application, they require regular and proactive maintenance. Preventative and proactive maintenance can bolster the performance and longevity of your truck.

Even with regular maintenance, problems can still arise. When they do, it’s imperative to have an experienced heavy-duty truck mechanic in Alexandria LA perform truck diagnostics. Truck diagnostics can help pinpoint the source of the problem and guide the mechanic toward the right solution.

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However, it’s important to recognize the five tell-tale signs that indicate your heavy-duty vehicle in Alexandria, LA, needs truck diagnostics. Read on to learn more and contact Consolidated Truck in Alexandria LA for truck diagnostics.

You Hear Strange Sounds from Your Truck

As the driver or owner of a heavy-duty truck, you know the sounds it should make when operating normally. But if you notice any strange or out-of-the-ordinary sounds coming from your truck, you shouldn’t ignore them. Unfortunately, these sounds won’t go away on their own. While it may stop temporarily, the underlying problem will likely worsen unless you have truck diagnostics. Common heavy-duty truck noises of concern include:

  • Clunking
  • Squealing
  • Grinding
  • Rumbling
  • Ticking
  • Knocking
  • And other sounds

Beware Timing Belt-Related Sounds

One especially concerning sound is the screeching or rattling sound of a damaged timing belt. Considering the importance of your timing belt or timing chain, it’s vital to have it diagnosed and repaired expeditiously. Failure to do so could result in expensive, irreparable engine damage.

Watch Out for Heavy-Duty Truck Vibrations

If your truck vibrates more than normal, you have a problem. However, there are three different orders of vibration: the first, second, and third. Each one references the number of shakes per revolution of the drive shaft. For instance, the first-order vibration would be a single shake per shaft rotation, while the third would be three shakes. Here are the potential causes of each order of vibration:

First Order Vibration

When you have one shake per revolution, it may indicate:

  • Drive axle problems
  • A component that is moving at the same speed at the drive shaft is out of balance.
  • Problems appear when traveling at least 30 MPH

Second Order Vibration

When you have two shakes per revolution, it may indicate:

  • Faulty u-joints
  • Wrong vehicle trim height
  • Driveshafts at the wrong angle
  • Improperly twisted or phased driveshafts
  • Mounting problems with the powertrain

Third Order Vibration

If you have a third-order vibration, it’s typically associated with a faulty constant velocity joint in your heavy-duty truck. Regardless of the order vibration, it’s imperative to have full truck diagnostics to uncover the problem.

Bad Heavy-Duty Truck Performance

Undoubtedly, if your heavy-duty truck no longer performs how it used to, there is a problem. Performance issues can be caused by a myriad of underlying issues, such as:

Any Leak is Cause for Concern

Your heavy-duty truck relies on many fluids to properly perform, such as motor oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and more. If any of these fluids leak, it can spell disaster. Leaks are often caused by faulty seals and worn hoses. Leaks can also be caused by more serious problems, such as cracked engine blocks or broken gaskets.

Dashboard Indicator Warning Lights

While your truck can’t verbally talk, it can communicate with you. In addition to weird smells and sounds, one of the most fundamental ways your truck communicates is through dashboard indicator warning lights. As such, you should never ignore these warning indicators. Instead, if you see any dashboard lights illuminated, it’s a sign that something is awry.

Warning lights can be triggered by a variety of issues, including low oil levels, diesel particulate filter (DPF) problems, a faulty transmission, failing brakes, and more. Because each light may or may not offer direct insight, you need truck diagnostics. For example, if you see a Check Engine Light, it may or may not indicate an issue with the engine. The only way you would know is to have a full truck diagnostics in Alexandria LA.

Contact Consolidated Truck in Alexandria, LA, for Truck Diagnostics

As a semi-truck or heavy-duty truck driver, you know the sounds, feel, smells, and performance your vehicle should provide. However, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, the first step should be to reach out to the team at Consolidated Truck for truck diagnostics in Alexandria, LA.

Our experienced heavy-duty diesel mechanics will quickly perform truck diagnostics to uncover the underlying problem and offer you the fastest and most cost-efficient solution. Contact Consolidated Truck today for truck diagnostics.

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