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5 Common Volvo Truck Problems

Volvos are among the most reliable, safe, and comfortable heavy-duty vehicles. Countless drivers have turned to the Volvo semi-truck for its consistent and fuel-efficient performance. While Volvos are reliable and popular, every heavy-duty truck is prone to develop problems. Let’s explore five of the most common Volvo truck problems. And if you need Volvo truck repair or maintenance, contact the experts at Consolidated Truck in Monroe, LA.

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Brake Issues Require Volvo Truck Repair in Monroe, LA

The brakes are vital to any vehicle, but the stakes are elevated on heavy-duty and semi-trucks. If left unchecked, brake-related issues can lead to expensive repairs or—even worse—safety incidents. Your semi truck’s disc and drum brakes are exposed to enormous pressure, heat, and friction. This operating environment expedites wear and tear, and the brakes can quickly wear down without proper maintenance and service. Volvo truck brake repair may include:

  • Minor leaks,
  • External corrosion and wear, and
  • Internal water contamination.

Internal water contamination is especially troublesome because it can lead to airline freezing during colder temperatures in Monroe, LA.

Volvo Truck Repair for Electrical Problems

The modern semi-truck features innovative, state-of-the-art circuitry and components, such as the alternator, battery, and starter motor. If one or more than one of these parts fail, your semi-truck will not be able to continue. Fortunately, your semi-truck may offer many warning signs and indications that electrical problems are nigh, such as:

  • Dimming or lowering lights
  • Flickering lifts
  • Dead batteries
  • Weird plastic smells
  • Unusual burning smells
  • Clicking sounds whenever the engine starts up

Odd or Rough Idling Problems

Idling your semi truck can keep it running even when stationary. Many drivers use the idling function to listen to their truck and ensure it’s in peak condition. If you notice the rough idling, it can indicate many potential issues with your engine. Rough idling may be accompanied by bouncing, shaking, weird odors, or odd sounds. Other common rough idling indicators include:

  1. Revolutions per minute (RPM) problems: Most trucks have an average RPM of 600 to 1000. But if you notice spikes in RPM, you should have truck diagnostics.
  2. The truck vibrates when idle: While vibration at idle is a common problem, you should understand the cause to ensure safe driving and optimum performance. Common causes include bad spark plugs, a dirty fuel intake system, broken hoses, a dirty fuel pump, and worn-out or loose belts.
  3. Volvo truck high idle problem: If your truck high idles, it can cause fuel waste and extra wear and tear on the engine. It may be caused by a faulty computer system, bad fuses, or leaks.

Volvo Truck Repair for Turbo Issues in Monroe LA

Another common Volvo truck repair issue involves the turbo. Because the turbo is a sensitive and delicate mechanical part of your Volvo, quickly diagnosing the problem can help ensure safe driving and prolong the life of your truck. The most prevalent issues associated with Volvo turbo problems include:

  • Charge pipe problems
  • Intake supporting part problems
  • Bearing and seal problems
  • Issues with another exhaust-supporting part

How do you know you need Volvo truck repair for your turbo? A few indications may be:

  • Louder sounds from your engine
  • More exhaust from the tailpipe
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Reduced power

Volvo Truck Repair for Coolant Problems

Your Volvo’s cooling system is responsible for keeping the internal operating temperature safe. However, over time, the coolant will degrade and require service. It’s best to proactively have this Volvo truck repair performed to prevent more expensive damage. Common Volvo truck repair issues associated with the coolant include:

  • Coolant leaks from the water pump, a hole in the radiator, cracked hoses, and other situations contributing to the reduced amount of coolant.
  • High coolant temperature caused by a clogged radiator and faulty coolant system.
  • A blown head gasket can trigger engine start failure, overheating, and mixing of oil and coolant.

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