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4 Signs Your Truck Need Transmission Repairs

Your transmission is arguably the second most crucial part of your vehicle. Compared to other components, your transmission will sustain substantial wear and tear over the life of your vehicle. 

Even so, some truck operators and drivers fail to perform the necessary transmission repairs and maintenance services promptly. And forgoing these services can quickly turn an inexpensive transmission service into an expensive transmission repair.

Significant transmission repair can impact your finances, cause vehicles to be out of commission, and impact your bottom line through lost revenue. Because of this, pay attention to any signs or indications that your vehicle needs transmission maintenance or repair.

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At Consolidated Truck Parts & Service in Many, LA, we offer an extensive array of truck transmission repair and maintenance solutions. As experts, we’ve just about seen it all. And some of the most common signs that your truck needs transmission repairs are explained below.

1. Transmission Fluid Leaks

The appearance of transmission fluid is one of the most tell-tale signs your vehicle needs transmission repair or service. This vital fluid lubricates all the moving parts inside the gearbox. And if your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, it can spell trouble.

Transmission fluid will typically be bright red, clear, and have a sweet odor. In either case, if you suspect your transmission is leaking fluid or low on fluid, you should have the necessary services to prevent more expensive transmission repair or outright failure.

2. Strange Sounds When Shifting Gears

Any type of weird sounds coming from your vehicle can be alarming. But if you hear strange sounds when your vehicle shifts, it may indicate you need transmission repair. 

Sounds that should alert you to a problem include gurgling, growling, and grinding. These sounds are often associated with gear fractures, improper ride height adjustment, or low transmission fluid.

3. Out-of-the-Ordinary Transmission Responses During Gear Changes

When your transmission performs as it should, the gears should shift smoothly. But if gear changes cause the truck to shake or the transmission fails to engage, you should have it inspected as soon as possible. 

Another out-of-the-ordinary response is if your truck’s RPMs surge quickly during gear changes. It could indicate a delay and may suggest your transmission fluid levels are too low. 

Always pay special attention to your transmission during gear changes to detect issues as soon as possible. And if you notice any out-of-the-ordinary responses, have your vehicle inspected by Consolidated Truck Parts & Service in Many, LA.

4. An Illuminated Check Engine Light

While no one wants to see an illuminated check engine light, it could be the first warning something is awry in your transmission. Because of this, you should never ignore this indicator. Instead, it’s best to have diagnostics done on your vehicle anytime you see this dashboard light on. You shouldn’t wait for other signs or for your truck to break down.

In most instances, it’s not guaranteed your truck will malfunction soon when the light comes on, which often causes operators and owners to continue driving the vehicle with minimal concern for the indicator. This can cause a potentially minor transmission repair to snowball into a much more expensive repair. 

Simply put, don’t ignore any dashboard indicators, especially the check engine light or transmission Light. The best action: contact our truck mechanics at Consolidated Truck Parts & Service for vehicle diagnostics.

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